Finally it’s called "catch and eat the asparagus" again. We will start the asparagus season in our restaurant in April 2018.

Beelitzer asparagus at it's best!

From the asparagus cream soup, asparagus with stewed lobster and truffle vinaigrette, to the classic with ham as a side dish. If you want to spend the short asparagus season delicate and relaxed without having to peel the asparagus by yourself, then stop by for a bite to eat the Wilson’s asparagus from April until the end of June 2018.


Example-Menu Asparagus Season 2018

1/2 steamed lobster on one
Lukewarm salad from Beelitz asparagus
with truffle vinaigrette
EUR 24,90
asparagus cream soup
with bear garlic pesto
EUR 6,00
Beelitz asparagus
with new potatoes, Hollandaise sauce or clarified butter
boiled or raw ham
Order Beelitz asparagus in addition.
EUR 6,00
250g boiled Beelitz asparagus
EUR 14,50
small viennese schnitzel
Order Beelitz asparagus in addition.
EUR 9,00
500g boiled Beelitz asparagus
EUR 21,00
filetsteak of beef
Order Beelitz asparagus in addition.
EUR 26,50 (150g)
EUR 39,50 (250g)
The California Ladies Cut
The smaller cut.
Order in addition Beelitz asparagus.
EUR 26,50
The Wilson's Gentleman's Cut
Traditional and popular cut.
Order Beelitz asparagus in addition.
EUR 39,50

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