Our Thanksgiving-Buffet on 23rd of November 2017, 6pm

Time for Turkey... and more! We are looking forward to a colorful food variety on ‘Thanksgiving’.


We would like to introduce you this delicious, typical American tradition with this ‘Thanksgiving’ buffet on 23rd of November 2017, although we are not pilgrims! Do you like poultry, and not just for the festive season, then you will love turkey. Juicier is just our US Prime Rib!


Our Thanksgiving-Buffet 23rd of November 2017

(Exemplary Buffet)

Starter & Salads

  • large selection of leaf salad
  • various dressings | condiments
  • caramelized cream of pumpkin
  • Bersaola  | Soppresseta | Chorizo
  • marinated olives | mixed pickles | Cippolini onions
  • Waldorf salad | dried cranberries | smoked duck breast
  • selection of smoked fish | cream horseradish
  • salad of sweet-sour pumpkin


  • cream soup of butternut pumpkin | Granny Smith

Main Courses

  • whole roasted turkey | “Giblet Gravy” | cranberry chutney
  • Original US Prime Rib | Béarnaise sauce
  • catfish | orange-fennel
  • breast of chicken | black salsify ragout
  • Ravioli filled with cheese | cherry tomato jus
  • rice | potato gratin 
  • Brussels sprout | carrots | cauliflower


  • Traditional pumpkin cake
  • New York Cheesecake
  • Tiramisu
  • fresh fruits

We are immersed in the tradition of
Thanksgiving Day on November 23, 2017.

EUR 59,- per person


Please reserve your table directly at the restaurant by giving us a call: +49(0)30-21007 000, you can also book online, or you can get in contact with us via our contact form.
Please note: you can book a table online for up to 6 people only. Please contact us by phone, if you want to make a reservation for more than 6 persons.


You can also choose your dinner from our dinner menu this evening, in addition to this Thanksgiving buffet.



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