Prime Rib

U.S. Prime Rib is cut from the core of lean prime rib. It is air-tight packed using the "Sous Vide process" and cooked up to 9 hours in a 59 degree warm water bath. The U.S. Prime Rib is then grilled and put in the hot oven at 220 degrees for 10 minutes so that its particular form crust.
The Prime Rib is served live in the restaurant at the carving station.

As a special delicacy, we recommend our self-created spice blend. This is a composition of Peruvian rock salt, cocoa beans and a combination of four selected types of pepper. What types of pepper were used exactly remains a special secret kept by the head chef of Wilson's - The Prime Rib restaurant.

Origin of US Prime Rib

Our Prime Rib stems purely from beef that originates from a crossing of American longhorn cattle, European Angus cattle and United Kingdom Hereford cattle.
The meat used in our restaurant comes from free running cattle that rears on huge grasslands in North America. Lots of time to grow and a special fodder are key factors for the excellent quality of the meat.
A fine marbling of fat is essential for the full U.S. Prime Rib flavour. The taste is buttery-creamy, a palate-melting texture is also characteristic.


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